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Hi, I’m Emil. (That’s pronounced Eh-meal. Yes, ‘meal’ as in breakfast, lunch, or dinner. “I’m more than a SNACK, I’m EMIL!” I could go on, but I think you get it at this point.)

My vision for life is to use my talents and abilities to impact the lives of others. Through volunteerism,  being an encourager,  a participating member of my community, through my photography…I want to connect with others and make a difference in their lives, even if in the smallest way. Photography allows me the opportunity to do just that.


What Makes Me Feel Alive:

FAMILY. I am the oldest of five siblings. Four girls. One boy. I am “Titi” to three of the cutest nieces ever and they grace the pages of this website left and right. I’m also blessed with a husband who loves me the way I am and awesome in-laws and their huge family as well.  Life is short and I savor every minute I get to spend together with family…even when we get on each others nerves.

MY DOGS. I am a Fur-Mommy to my three rescue doggies: Dexter, Swarley, and Winnie . All three are different mixes of breeds but look like a matching set: black and white with spots. My husband and I love these fur balls…but, I’m still learning to love the unwanted dog hair that accessorizes my every outfit. 

GENEROSITY. Anytime there’s a human interest story on tv or the web, where someone has donated to a family, a child, or a charity in need in a big way….I cry. There are tons of companies out there now a days that are socially and globally conscious and give back. I am a lover of  TOMS and their One-for-One mission. Cute comfy shoes? A heart for giving back to children around the world? Score. I’m hooked. You’ll most likely catch me in a pair of Toms at some point during your interaction with me.

SCAVENGING. Thrift stores. Antique stores. They are one of my “happy places”…yes, even with THAT musty/boxed up thrift store smell…I love finding things that have been well loved and giving them a second round of loving.  I currently have at least two pieces of furniture in my basement that may or may not have been on the side of the road on their way to the trash at some point before they came home with me…..

COMMUNITY. It is HUGE to me. I am a big believer in giving back to your community and helping others. I currently serve as a volunteer photographer for the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN), providing fun, personality filled photos for the children in our foster care system who are waiting for a safe place to land in a forever family.

I’m Emil and I make pretty pictures…but mostly, I’m in the business of creating “warm fuzzies”,  laughter, and promoting “happy dancing”.

I want to learn what makes YOU feel most alive and do so hope we get a chance to meet.