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It all starts and ends with FAMILY.  

Our years spent with our siblings and parents impact our lives to the core and shape us into the adults, parents, husbands and wives we eventually become.

During your Slice of Life Session we want to bottle up and preserve all those intangibles that ebb and flow between sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers.

The Slice of Lime Family client wants their pictures to reflect back to them the spirit and heart beat of who their family is.

In our Slice of Life sessions, our utmost priority is to bring the YOU back into your family portraits and not make you a cookie cutter version of your neighbor, your cousin, or the next person in line at the one stop family portrait shop.

By taking the time to get to know our families before their sessions, we ensure that the end result is something they are dying to get off the computer and onto their shelves and walls.

Using our SLICE OF YOU questionnaire, we walk through questions about your family, personalities, and anything else that is near and dear to your heart that will help us best tell your story.

By then using the answers from the questionnaire, we ensure that you choose activities to do in your home that will allow you and your littles to CONNECT  in a more natural manner,

where the perfectly imperfect starts to blossom and we snap away, ensuring that we are honoring you, your children, and who you truly are as a family.

What makes lifestyle sessions so different than the “run of the mill” portrait session is that they are natural, unscripted, & allow the beauty of your family to come shining through.

And so by connecting with you and your family from the start, before we even take a single photo,

we ensure that you are receiving a CUSTOM experience that is SIMPLY, ONE-OF-A-KIND, UNIQUE TO YOU.