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Stocking Stuffer Favorites | Christmas 2017 | Hershey Boutique Shopping

We are exactly two weeks from Christmas today!!  Can you even believe it?

Stocking Stuffers have become almost an afterthought for me; so usually on Christmas Eve, I’m THAT person running around at the store trying to find stocking stuffers that are meaningful, useful or that are fun and humorous. However, what I usually end up doing is being super lame and buying those $1 box of candies and stuffing as many as I can into stockings, ha ha ha.

So this year, to help you (and me!) step up our stocking stuffer game, we’ve partnered up with our friends at Knock Knock Boutique to give you over ten different fun, fabulous and unique stocking stuffer ideas!

Scroll on through but most importantly, head on over to Knock Knock’s Instagram account and give them a follow so you can stay up to date on their latest arrivals!!

  1. Emily, the boss babe behind Knock Knock Boutique is a master at styling the coolest stacks of bracelets! This stack is absolutely stunning! I love, love, the maroon druzy! And this stack is not your style, stop on in and Emily or any of their other girls can help you put together the perfect stack for your loved one (or yourself!)

2. This minimergency kit is so stinking cute! I have a bag in my purse of just every possible random thing I could need and let me tell you, it is a mess and far from this cute. Inside of this cute thing are a whole host of things from stain remover towelettes to earring backs to clear nail polish to a little sewing kit, band-aid…basically all those random little things that you always find yourself needing but can NEVER find when you actually need it!

3. I mean C’mon…you can NEVER go wrong with candles and these Voluspa candles are not just heavenly, but how gorgeously designed are they?! I was recently gifted one and let me tell you, I’ve been burning it slowly because I am going to be so bummed when it burns out!!

4.  Finchberry soaps are just so ridiculously beautiful that I was in awe just looking at them! From the beautiful packaging to the AH-MAZING scents, you can’t go wrong with putting some of these in your loved ones stockings!5. Another two kits are making our list because these are just the perfect little stocking stuffer for your girlfriends! The Binge Watching Beauty Kit gives you everything you need to curl up on the couch and have a Netflix-a-thon! The Screen Queenkit is  perfect for that friend whose phone literally never leaves their hands; with charging cables, a phone camera lens, a phone stand, and several other tech essentials, you know you can always count on them when you forget your charger! 6. I’m a sucker for packaging and these lotions immediately caught my eye!  Perfect for the design-loving-lotion hoarder in your life, these lotions smell delicious but are so cute and unique that they really stand out from those 98 cent travel lotions that most times end up in our stockings.

7. If you are gaga for recycling like I am, you will looooove these pouches! (I was gifted one similar in size to the one pictured and I use it all the time!)  Knock Knock has so many different styles and options that you  are sure to find the perfect design for anyone on your Christmas list.

8. Since the cold weather hit, I’ve been rocking a beanie pretty much all day everyday. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or you love pom pom beanies (like the one I’m wearing from Knock Knock as I type this) there are a variety of styles at Knock Knock that are sure to cover every style imaginable.

9. Journals and notepads are always a big hit and when they are Rifle Paper Co. you can not go wrong! These are just so adorable and are just some of the Rifle Paper Co products Knock Knock has in the shop that are perfect for stockings! 10. The blanket scarf is pretty much a staple in any girl’s winter wardrobe. So why not add to her collection?
11. How adorable are these totes and pouches? For those who like a lot less sparkle and shine, these Eco brand totes are the perfect simple tote. I love them all. Fingers crossed one of these ends up in my stocking!! 

Find something on our list you love? Swing on by one of Knock Knock Boutique’s two locations to stock up before any of these run out! For details on hours and locations click here! 

Happy Shopping!

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Fashion Files | Winter Layers | Central PA Senior Photographer

I love snowy December days as much as the next person, but I often have trouble styling the perfect outfits for days spent going in and out of stores. Layering is the perfect solution to fight the freezing temperatures but also stay comfortable inside. With the many scarves, beanies, flannels, and fluffy jackets, it’s easy to show off your unique style through the winter.

Living on the east coast, it’s a necessity to make the layering trend your own. But you don’t have to run to the mall for all the latest trends!! Let’s be honest, a lot of current fashion trends are reboots of styles from along ago! So, a lot of simple pieces from Goodwill, Community Aid, and Salvation Army can be paired together to create an outfit that will leaving people thinking “How?”, when it’s easier than it looks!  

It’s important to remember when you’re out looking for layering pieces not to be afraid to mix patterns or prints! Winter colors like neutrals, pinks, and black always pair well together making it easy to find coordinating pieces. But if you prefer more loud and vibrant colors, theres no shortage of awesome coats out there for the more sassy fashionistas that want something more bold! So, rather than throwing on sweats and that big hoodie tempting you from your closet this winter, try jeans, a turtleneck, scarf, warm coat, and some boots instead.

If you want to add a little flair to your winter wear, look for jackets and coats with fur lined hoods. Many hoods are detachable for those days when having a hood is just a bit too much; giving a winter coat not just versatility but style.

Layers allow you to peel pieces off as you transition indoors, ensuring that what’s underneath still looks amazing, allowing you to rock a killer winter style both indoors and out.

If you’re a fan of the off the shoulder looks like Street Team member, Lydia is, don’t be afraid to still rock the off-the shoulder look during the winter! With layers to keep you warm while you’re outside, you can peel those layers off and show off your shoulders while you’re hanging out inside reading a book or filling your belly with cookies at your holiday gatherings. 

And easy-peasy…once you’re done hanging out inside, you throw those layers back on and boom. You’re ready to head out to explore the town and check out all the Christmas lights with your BFF. 

Use our own street team members, Lydia and Jillian as inspiration and post your own version of it on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag @sliceofseniorstyle so we can see it too!



Lydia’s outfit

Sweater- Urban Outfitters

Jeans- Urban Outfitters

Boots- UGG

Jacket- H&M

Beanie- H&M

Scarf- Madewell


Jillian’s outfit

Turtleneck- Express

Flannel- Community Aid Thrift Store

Jeans- H&M

Boots- Doc Martens

Jacket- Forever 21

Beanie- Forever 21

Scarf- Urban Outfitters


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Kayley | Lower Dauphin High School | Class of 2018 | Hershey Senior Photographer

Firing up the blog machine again because I am determined to get some consistency back with our posts.

Next in the Spotlight is Class of 2018 Street Team member, Kayley. This girl’s style is EVERYTHING. She has such a great eye for putting together looks that have a touch of edge with the softness of boho. I just love everything she styles.   We headed to Hershey Gardens for her shoot, but did not realize just how early Hershey Gardens closed! So we zipped around the gardens snagging as much as we could until we couldn’t shoot anymore (aka the security guard kicked us out). Once we got back to the parking lot, the light was just PERFECTION and we finished out our shoot a few feet away from our cars in the fields on the side of the hill.  Where there is glorious light, I will follow.

Keep on scrolling for a few of my favorites from Kayley’s shoot back in July.

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Riley | Cumberland Valley High School | Class of 2018 | Mechanicsburg Senior Photographer

From the minute I spoke to her mom, Paula, to our consultation, to our session…working with Riley and her family was a dream.

Mother Nature was intent on making us melt our faces off the day of Riley’s shoot, but with breaks in the car to cool down and touch up and a final dip in the creek at the end of the session, Riley’s session was a blast. If I said it once, I will say it a million times, I am absolutely blessed with the most amazing clients!

Here are a few of my favorites from our summer session!



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Fashion Files | Teen Trendsetters | Mad for Mod (esty)

Hello! Ingrid here!

Today’s Slice of Style’s Teen Trendsetters is a little late on the seasons, but fortunately the summer weather is sticking around! Either way, in most of the featured outfits, a jacket or tights can be thrown on to transition the look to the upcoming cooler temperatures.

Emil had worked with Lierin before, so it was no surprise when she came to the shoot with her shoot with trendy and stylish outfits. Just by checking out her instagram, you can tell Lierin’s sense of style is amazing! She even is a style guru for @cfashionista on Instagram.

When Lierin and I finally got our schedules to work for her interview, we met at a cute, Christian based coffee shop in Hershey, called Perking Point. What amazed me more than her fun and unique sense of style, was her aspirations to dress cute, but also more conservatively. Lierin noted that with that in mind,  sometimes it can be hard to find clothes. Lierin says, “I look for clothing that I would be comfortable wearing in front of my parents or grandparents.” She tends to go for long skirts and flowy tops and aims to avoid tighter high waisted shorts and low cut shirts.

Obviously everyone has their own interpretation of fashion and different style that make them feel good. Showing skin should not be the only reason someone is confident.  Lierin shared, “I think body confidence is more about being confident in yourself that you don’t have to be too revealing or show too much. I think my focus [with what is wear] is more on how people view me for who I am and not for what I look like.”

The thing I loved most about my conversation with Lierin is that she ultimately recognized there is so much more than what you see on the outside to an individual. She mentioned that it’s really important for the younger generation to understand that there is more to them than the way you dress and look. Overall, “a beautiful heart makes a beautiful person,” Lierin said.

Lierin definitely loves inspiring others with her message of meaningful ways to attain self love. So, if you want to follow her lead, check out her favorite stores, 31 Boutique, run by a sweet girl and her mom, who offer unique, fashion forward items,  “in hopes of encouraging women to become their best self”. In addition, Lieren also loves Francesca’s  which has an aesthetic similar to 31 Boutique.  There is a huge movement in the modest/conservative fashion world to provide some more fashionable clothing options. For those kind  of look Lierin recommends stores like Mikarose Clothing and Sweet Salt Clothing.

Look #1

Jean skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Target
Glasses- Claire’s


Look #2

Dress- Marshall’s
Shoes (nude)- Missguided US
Shoes (black)- Forever 21


Look #3

Earrings- Francesca’s
Tank- Francesca’s
Jeans- American Eagle
Booties- Target

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